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What is the Dutchess County Stabilization Center?

The Dutchess County Stabilization Center is a walk-in facility for people feeling overwhelmed by mental health, substance use, or other life issues, such as:

  • Emotional distress
  • Anxiety and/or Depression
  • Psychiatric Symptoms
  • Substance Abuse
  • Intoxication
  • Family issues

The Stabilization Center is:

  • open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • for Dutchess County residents of all ages
  • 100% voluntary
  • a safe, comfortable, secure, and welcoming environment
  • a recognized alternative to a hospital emergency department

Where is the Stabilization Center located?

The Stabilization Center is located at 230 North Road in Poughkeepsie, just next to the Palace Diner. The entrance to the Stabilization Center is in the rear of the building.

What are the hours for the Stabilization Center?

The Stabilization Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Why should someone come to the Stabilization Center? What is the goal?

When people are in crisis, the Stabilization Center serves as a safe, comforting place to come, talk to caring professionals, and get help for the immediate issue(s) plus those that may extend beyond their stay at the Center.
First, our staff works with you to handle or lessen the issue(s) at hand. Then, they will personally connect you to the correct services and resources in our community that can you going forward. Our work with you is 100% transparent, planned with your input, and barrier-free.

Who is available to help guests at the Stabilization Center?

Center staff includes licensed clinical and behavioral health counselors, peer advocates, registered nurses, and other related care professionals.

What services are available at the Stabilization Center?

  • Crisis Counseling
  • Mental Health Assessments
  • Supervised Outpatient Withdrawal Services
  • Addictions and Substance Use Counseling
  • Peer Advocacy and Supports

Can people come to the Stabilization Center if they are having thoughts or feelings of harming themselves or others?



What other services in the community can I connect to through the Stabilization Center?

Many service providers and support resources in our community have work space at, or regularly visit, the Center, including:

  • Alcohol and drug rehab providers
  • Employment and education support services
  • Dutchess County Department of Community & Family Services (DCFS)
  • Mental Health and Substance Use Clinic Providers
  • Domestic Violence Counselors
  • Housing Services (emergency, transitional, permanent)
  • Faith-based Community Support

Stabilization Center guests can connect to any of these services based on their goals and needs.


Can people come to the Stabilization Center if don’t have health insurance?

Yes. No one is ever denied service at the Stabilization Center based on lack of health insurance or inability to pay.

How long can individuals stay at the Stabilization Center?

People can stay at the Stabilization Center up through 23 hours—enough time to stabilize their situation, address their needs, and connect them to the services and resources in our community that will help them achieve long-term wellness.

Can I get my medications filled at the Stabilization Center?

No, the Stabilization Center does not write or fill prescriptions. However, staff at the Center can help connect you to physicians and other providers who can write prescriptions. We can also help you with a plan to manage your medication(s) in the future.


 What should I bring with me to the Stabilization Center?

Guests should bring any medications they might need; a form of ID; and health insurance cards, if they have insurance. However, no one will be denied service based on lack of health insurance or inability to pay.


Do I need an appointment or referral to use the Stabilization Center?

Guests will be able to walk in at any time. No appointments or referrals are necessary.

What happens when I leave the Stabilization Center?

Individuals leave the Stabilization Center with a clear plan for addressing their current and future needs. In addition, our staff commits to following up with every guest to ensure their after-care appointments worked for them.


Is there an age requirement to use the Stabilization Center?

No. The Center serves guests of all ages.

Will there be food at the Stabilization Center?

Yes, healthy snacks are available.


Can I smoke at the Stabilization Center?

No, the Stabilization Center is a non-smoking facility and no smoking is permitted.

How do I help someone in crisis or in need of immediate help today?

For those in need of immediate help, and/or to reach the Stabilization Center, CALL/TEXT Dutchess County HELPLINE at (845) 485-9700 or call toll-free at (877) 485-9700.

Or, walk right in -- no appointment needed -- at 230 North Road in Poughkeepsie, just next to the Palace Diner.


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A. K. Vaidian, MD, MPH,Commissioner of Behavioral & Community Health A. K. Vaidian, MD, MPH
Commissioner of Behavioral & Community Health
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